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Photo: Petri Kivinen
Photo: Petri Kivinen
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Finnish fish dishes

Freshwater fish are one of the most popular and original element of Finnish food. In the land of thousands of lakes delicious dishes made of different fish species is basic part of diet in many households, especially if there is an angler in a family. Common lake species pike, perch, zander, vendace and white fish can be often found on the dinner table especially in the lake area. Finns use also other native fish like bream, burbot, brown trout, roach and some other species as ingredients of healthy and delicious food.
There are as many ways as there are cooks to make tasty fish delicacies. Frying, boiling, smoking, roasting, grilling, marinading and salting are the most common cooking methods. Smoked vendace, perch and burbot, fried pike, perch and zander, bourbot and pike soup, salted whitefish and trout are examples of typical Finnish meals.

Wide areas of pure freshwater with good fish stocks mean that it is easy to get fresh fish flesh for cooking every day.

Just taste the great aromas of freswater fish when you are visiting Finland. Or make your own delicious meal from the morningīs catch. And donīt forget to try crayfish in autumn!



Pike with crisp bread cover, caramelized chantarelles and salmon-zander rolls.

Fried perch fillets with
black currant sauce.

Pike-bacon roll with herbs and fresh cheese.

Pike soup with vegetables and herbs.







Fried vendace, a basic dish of lake area is very tasty.

Zander and broccoli coated with cheese sauce.

Whole zander fried in oven on salt bed.

Fish plate with vegetables makes a day!

Crayfish season is in the autumn. Then it is time to celebrate life in the gentle atmosphere of northern lakes and have delightful crayfish parties.

The unforgettable aromas of noble and signal crayfish are the best Finnish nature and kitchen offer to travellers and gourmets.

Let there be fiest!

Finnish fish delicacies on an open fire:

Tampere Fish Fair: