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Lake Rautavesi

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Lake Ruovesi
The easiest way to find good fishing grounds is to seek professional advice. The Tampere Regionís fishing guides are here to help when you wish to introduce your guests or yourself to the mysteries of fishing and fishing grounds with a professional on board.  Fishing guides can take you to the best sites and can teach you the best fishing techniques for each season, showing you suitable lures and the hot spots in different water areas. Their high-quality boats make it fast and easy to move from place to place and take in the natural beauty of the lake scenery.
Lake Ruovesi
Many foreign guests have discovered a completely different Finland when they have visited our superb fishing grounds with a professional guide.

Working together, guides can also cater for large groups, as their craft are easy to move from one water area to another. Fishing entrepreneurs are accustomed to serving visitors of many different nationalities.






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