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Tampere Region - Finland

Photo: Petri Kivinen
Photo: Peri Kivinen
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the Tampere Region

Local fish dishes from the Tampere Region

Fish caught from nearby waters really means local food. Dishes made from wild fish deliver the ideal qualities of foodstuffs: the fish is healthy, locally caught fish has a small carbon footprint and – what’s most convenient – fish dishes are quick and easy to prepare.

First and foremost, fish dishes are tasty and delicious. An easily digestible health bomb is also a good alternative for your figure. Preparing fish dishes is a pleasure in itself. When the aromas of a fish dish being prepared start to waft in the air, the Finnish summer evening is at its best.

Photo: Petri Kivinen Photo: Petri Kivinen Photo: Petri Kivinen
Photo: Petri Kivinen
Photo: Petri Kivinen





Main courses





Marinated zander from Lake Kyrösjärvi

Poached zander from Lake Säijänselkä





Mustikkaniemi Pike

Lake Paloselkä pike fried in butter with chive sauce





Herbal perch soup from Lake Rautavesi

Lake Pyhäjärvi perch in blackcurrant sauce





Lingonberry marinated whitefish from Lake Koljonselkä

Lake Roine whitefish rolls with frothy sorrel sauce





Smoked vendace soup from Lake Tarjanne

Lake Mallasvesi vendace with nettle pesto





Lake Jäminginselkä burbot with root vegetable mosaic

Lake Keurusselkä smoked burbot with beetroot salad





Lake Visuvesi smoked bream with rowanberry jelly garnish

Lake Vesijärvi herbed bream coated in salt





Roach tartar à la Lake Längelmävesi

Lake Ukonselkä roach crisps





Lake Kulovesi asp snack

Marinated asp from Siuronkoski Rapids





Crayfish sandwich à la Lake Pälkänevesi

Fried signal crayfish tails from Lake Näsijärvi




Finnish fish delicacies on an open fire -video